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Citi Security Cardiff



Citi Security specialise in the provision of personal security in the UK and Europe


Our scope of clients reflect our flexible approach and ability to implement bespoke arrangements. We are trusted to create a safe working environment and ultimately, peace of mind.


Safety is paramount. However, we also understand the importance of brand image. Our presence creates a positive reflection, and we always seek to enhance the image of our client.


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We are only too aware of the need to maintain a fluid approach and adapt to schedule changes. Our ability to respond to client's requests, whenever they occur, has added significantly to our reputation.




provide a safe working environment for our clients, an


Our clients are varied and each have their own requirements. We are able to sit down and put and arrange our service around their schedule


Touring acts

Book signings

Public appearances


Our teams based in Dubai and Qatar work alongside business executives.

Jonny Wilkinson (RC Toulon)  

Charlotte Church - 'Entanglement' Tour

Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who)




Our ability to continually risk assess situations as they evolve means we are able for provide a discreet presence for our clients. Working with families and those with business interests, it is imperative that our role is non-disruptive whilst providing a framework of safety.


Mrs Brown

Jennifer Gibney and Brendan O'Carroll -  Mrs Brown's Boys

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Jonny Wilkinson - Rugby International

Peter Capaldi - Doctor Who